Products and Services

Our Plant Nursery

Planting Stock—

Outdoor and Indoor Plants, Aquatic Plants, Small and Tall Shrubs, Fruit Trees, Ornamental and flowering Trees, Grass-Lawn (Dribbling and Machine-cut Turf), Creepers and Vines, Ground Covers, Orchids, Cactii and Succulents, Bonsai, Medicinal Herbs, Kitchen Herbs, Xeriscaping plants and much more.


Vegetable seeds, Flowering plants seeds, Cactii seeds and Fruit Tree seeds.

As a Horticulturist/Nursery Man—

Perikali also runs Kaivalya Garden Centre which is a hub of activity for all things under the sun! Kaivalya is a fully fledged Garden Centre which caters to all your garden requirements. We travel that extra mile to make sure you get what you want. If you are a horticulturist or plant grower or just a plant lover do get in touch with us. We source plants from growers based in all parts of the country.

Soil Inputs and Conditioners—

Red soil, Savudu Soil, River Sand, Sterilized Soil (Baked), COCO PEAT sterilized, COIR Blocks, Perlite, Compost, Farm Yard Manure, Dolomite (lime) and more.

Pots and Planters—

Terracotta earthenware, Cement and Concrete, Plastic (UV stabilized), Ceramic Pots, Bonsai pots, Water plant containers and Tulasi Madam.

Pebbles, Rocks, and Boulders—

All kinds of pebbles (polished and unpolished) boulders and natural Rocks are available with us for your pond, fountain and waterscape/waterfall requirements. For those discerning clients we go that extra mile to ensure that we source the exact natural rocks that you are looking for.


Hand Tools (pruners, cutters, trimmers, sickles, weed removers, cultivators), Pressure Sprayer (1L, 2L, 5L), Spades (long and short) etc.

Garden Essentials—

Garden hose, Drip Irrigation tubing and emitters, Shade Nets, Bamboo poles, rough or dressed stone pavers, Garden Ellements and Statuettes.

Inputs / Fertilizers / Insectides / Pesticides—

Organic Inputs: Farm Yard Manure FYM, FYM sifted, Goat Manure, Neem Cake, Neem Oil, Vermicompost, Panchagavya and Seaweed Extract.

Biological Inputs: Trichoderma viride, Pseudomonas florescens, Rhizobium, Acetobacter, Rhizobacteria, Azospirillum, Phospobacteria, VAM fungi etc.

Inorganic Inputs: Micro Nutrient Mix, NPK (Promote Flowering), NPK (Promote Leaf Growth)

Insecticides / Pesticides: Neem Oil, Neem Cake, Tobacco Extracts, Chilli and Garlic extract, Mealy bug killer and various other natural extracts.

• All Fertilizers are available in Granular slow release form or in a Water soluble form. Accordingly this can be applied in root zone directly or as a foliar spray.
• We can customize a fertilizer for your requirements based on the condition of existing soil, water availability and the kind of plants you are growing.