Landscaping — Our Process

The Basics

As we moved ahead in the field of horticulture our journey became intertwined with planting design and overall landscape design solutions. It is art and much more!

And by that what we mean is that we have all the principles of art and design incorporated in our strategy but we must also be technically proficient with plants and their environment to fulfill our role in entirety. Texts teach about Unity, Balance, Transition, Proportion, Rhythm, Focalization, Repetition and Simplicity not to mention the obvious attention to Color, Line, Form, Texture and Scale. But there are many more skins to the onion. Its purpose has to be well defined before one can move ahead. As the wise ones say "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything".

Common ground must be found between very diverse family members. Budgets must match with the expected level of quality. Advanced materials and Eco-friendly Technology must be applied to civil construction, Irrigation, Water Conservation and lighting.

Wind, water, air, space and US must work in perfect Harmony.

We help you synergize all the various elements to result in silent majesty and pure resonance!

We are specialists in green roofing!

The Design Process

1. Site Analysis and Project Brief

The first step is to get an initial view of the site so that the many possibilities that exist at your site can be fully explored. Orientation and overall site layout can help us determine what kind of garden will best suit the local site needs. This step will include an overall sketch of your proposed site based upon your own feedback and our ideas. This will also include an estimate of the work to be undertaken along with the timescale of the project. After reviewing the project brief you can decide to take on our services where upon you will sign a contract for work to be undertaken.

2. 2D Plan

This step will involve taking accurate measurements and observations of your site along with photos and drawings. We will then provide you with a 2D drawing of the entire site along with our design ideas which will incorporate all your requirements. This step will help clear any confusion in terms of design and get a sense of where everyone is coming from (Members of the same family might have very contradictory views and ideas). Costs are compared for different options and the best suited choice for your budget is decided upon.

3. Final Design Document

The FDD is the inclusive document and will contain technical data about dimensions, ratios and also relevant materials information. The drawings will also include the detailed Planting Design, Lighting and irrigation design along with all the customized information which might include renewable energy, water recycling, solar lighting etc.The FDD will also include acomplete list of the plants along with instructions for proper care and maintenance.

4. 3D Modeling

Visualizing a 2D landscape plan can be very difficult for those who have no horticultural exposure. Plants look very different at a young stage when compared to a fully mature stage. We provide fully detailed 3D models on the landscapes we design for such clients. The 3D model will have exactly detailed views along with a animation/walkway.

5. Landscape Construction

This is the final step in our 5 step process. Firstly the site is prepared for the works to be undertaken; Necessary irrigation and plumbing operations are carried out and then the required civil work will be completed. The planting beds and areas will be prepared according to the kind of plants which are laid out in the planting design. Finally the entire flora included in the plant list will be laid out by our professional gardeners.