Landscaping — Tree Services


Study of resources present at a Site always precedes any plan. Based on what is within our budget and without over extending our own resources a well worked out planting program can generate beautiful results for Residential Owners, Institutions, Farmers and other Land Owners. PERIKALI can do this and more for you. Based on the Climatic Zone, Soil Type, Purpose, Budget, Resources we not only give you workable plan but we also can execute the entire planting right from selection of sapling to addition of bio control agents.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is an essential part of our services. Trees are removed when they die or rot, when they compete with other trees or when they are too close to any structures that might be damaged. Our trained team is fully equipped to perform this very complex job.


There are basically three kinds of pruning that is performed by PERIKALI. Young trees need to be pruned in order to allow single stem growth or to even and shape the growth according to your needs. Smaller and lower branches are removed to allow a faster canopy growth. Pruning is also done to allow more sunlight to fall through the canopy. Older trees require pruning of dead and weak branches. This is essential and there are several cases of death due to delaying or neglecting pruning on big mature trees. The third kind of pruning is what is called specialty pruning. This is done for topiaries, pollarding, espalier and tree sculpting also known as Arboriculture.


Fertilization for trees is usually done only when they are initially planted. This is completely a wrong practice and one should ensure regular fertilization of the soil around the root zone. PH levels have to be maintained at the optimum level depending upon the species. Building of small bunds and mulching also plays an important role.

Insect and Pest Removal

Trees are victims to several kinds of insects and diseases. Depending upon the pest or disease steps are taken to remove the menace and restoring the vitality of the tree. Several kinds of treatments both organic and conventional exist. We at PERIKALI always prefer to use organic treatments. We have seen vast quantities of chemicals sprayed on Trees and in the long run it is not anywhere near the solution. The entire ecosystem gets affected and therefore imbalances will occur. What we try to do is to remove the target with minimum disruption in the balance of the eco system.

Drought and Arid zones Services

In areas that are prone to drought and in other Arid and Semi Arid zones most people do not tend to grow trees due to the "perceived" lack of water. We help farmers and land owners set up tree farms with minimal dependence on the existing water resources. Drip irrigation, Mulching, Rain Water Harvesting and Organic matter pits/mulch pits are some methods that we adopt.

Soil Addition or Removal

Some sites require existing soil to be removed and fresh soil along with organic matter to be added. PERIKALI can do this for you in any scale.

Tree Analysis and Survey

We can survey a site for you and generate a detailed report on the health and state of Trees present in this site. This report will contain mandatory studies like structural strength and integrity, root zone analysis, soil analysis and specialty studies like soil drainage, soil density, contour analysis, Valuation etc.