Partner With Us

As a Builder/House Owner—

We work with several builders' and home owners right from the design to execution of landscaping work. Our Design team is capable of any concept/style you wish and our execution team is equally capable of installing any design that you might already have. Landscaping as a thumb rule should be minimum 1% of the total project cost. This is rarely the case in India. The value of a property goes up significantly if it is well landscaped. We work with all kinds of budgets and specific requirements to ensure our clients happiness and satisfaction. Our mantra has always been "To address each site on its own terms".

As a Vendor for Landscape products—

If you deal with landscaping products such as Lighting, Irrigation and Water technology, Pumps, Outdoor furniture, Garden D├ęcor, Wood work, Pottery, Planters, Fertilizer manufacturer (Both Organic and Conventional), Aquaculture (KOI), .etc do get in touch with us as we actively source various elements for our Work/Clients.

As an Architect/Engineer/Contractor—

If you already have a landscaping Masterplan or if you would like us to design a plan for you we would be glad to make ourselves available. We work with various kinds of Architects to ensure that their design is executed to the very last detail. We also provide landscaping designs for those Architects who would like to outsource their work.

As a Horticulturist/Nursery Man—

Perikali also runs Kaivalya Garden Centre which is a hub of activity for all things under the sun! Kaivalya is a fully fledged Garden Centre which caters to all your garden requirements. We travel that extra mile to make sure you get what you want. If you are a horticulturist or plant grower or just a plant lover do get in touch with us. We source plants from growers based in all parts of the country.

Insect and Pest Removal—

Trees are victims to several kinds of insects and diseases. Depending upon the pest or disease steps are taken to remove the menace and restoring the vitality of the tree. Several kinds of treatments both organic and conventional exist. We at PERIKALI always prefer to use organic treatments. We have seen vast quantities of chemicals sprayed on Trees and in the long run it is not anywhere near the solution. The entire ecosystem gets affected and therefore imbalances will occur. What we try to do is to remove the target with minimum disruption in the balance of the eco system.

JOIN our company—

PERIKALI is neither this nor is it that! We love life since we live it on our own terms. If you would like to be a part of a loving group of people who takes things a little slow but sure then do send us your resume or call us and we will be glad to find a place for you in our world. We actively recruit Sales Personnel, Landscape supervisors, Designers, Gardeners and Administration staff.