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After completing his Masters in Engineering from California Hariharasudhan returned to India with his cup filled to the brim. The cup was then emptied and PERIKALI was born in 2004. The company was first conceived as a yoke in between the forgotten Indigenous knowledge systems in the field of Agriculture and the Hi - Tech world of today, a marriage of sorts but independent and also interdependent.

Our first venture was into the commodity futures sector, which was reintroduced in INDIA after a multi decade ban. Hedging, Price Discovery and Futures trading strategies were the best ways that an average farmer could even out his risks in this new Global Market. We tied up with JRG Securities Ltd (BSE Listing) to provide trading facilities to Farmers, Traders, Investors and Speculators all over the state of Tamil Nadu. The clients could trade several commodities (Agricultural, Bullion, Energy, Spices and Base Metals) on the MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange, India), NCDEX (National Commodities and Derivates Exchange of India) and NMCE (National Multi Commodity Exchange of India).

Simultaneously our work with Farmers and Growers developed into a fully fledged Horticultural entity by itself, so much so that in time we stopped all our trading activities (2006) and fully immersed ourselves into Tree Breeding, Rural Land Optimization and Agricultural Project implementation. Our activities now include Landscaping (Design and Execution), Tree Saplings (Raising and planting initiatives), Commercial Retail and Wholesale Nursery, Garden Services and Maintenance. We also run a Garden Centre by the name of KAIVALYA in Chennai and have our two Farms to fully integrate our paths. All our work revolves around Synergetic, Sustainable, Simple and easily Adaptable methods.

We are the 5 Elements - what is around us is also made up of these 5 elements. So how are we different from what is around us? To define ourselves would be to lose the plot so that's why we rather share some words with you that evoke a positive vibration within us. Peace, Beauty, Love, Acceptance, Simplicity, Connectedness, Character, Integrity, Creativity, Gratitude, Respect, Balance, Learning, Repose..KAIVALYA (Cosmic Unity)

Our Activities

Our Philosophy

Perikali believes in the unity of life and the cosmic self. All our projects are deeply aligned with the natural order of life. We work closely with our friends to create surroundings that are more holistic in character. In our farm management, we make sure to develop integrated approaches to maximize both the profits as well as the ecological balance. We are not for GM crops especially when they are directly consumed by humans. Our approach is to make sure that local flora and materials are always given precedence over other options.

The natural frequency of the earth is the same as that of our body (Around 5 Hz) hence the peace we feel when we are amidst natural surroundings. We are packed today with all kinds of equipment which is all high frequency right from microwaves, cellular phones, computers— almost all electronic devices! And we wonder why we feel all tired and stressed out living in the urban environment! Let us surround ourselves with the simple gifts of nature such as the silent and majestic trees and plants of Prakriti!


  • Paradise for plant lovers, would love to spend more time here!

    Mrs. Srinivasan

  • Lovely collection of plants and displayed in a beautiful manner!

    Mr. Muralidharan

  • Good service and consultancy on plants and I had a very pleasant experience!

    Dr. Jafar Ali

  • Keep it up!

    Mr. Aadhitya

  • Very Unique water plants...very nice!

    Ms. S. Shantha

  • So many rare varieties and so well looked after!


  • Great place!

    Mr. Rajeev

  • Going to be the best one in Chennai!

    Dr. Ghosh

  • Fantastic nursery!

    Ms. Marieen Vijay

  • A large excellent variety of plants and a visual treat!

    Ms. Deepshika Kailash

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